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Kisa Sohma
Player: Jensen
Canon: Fruits Basket
Canon Point: Chapter 38
Alignment: Thras
Date of Entry: 02/06/2017

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Player: Jensen
Contact: [plurk.com profile] blazeburn
Age: 27
Current Characters: Kaya


Character: Kisa Sohma
Age: 12
Canon: Fruits Basket
Canon Point: Chapter 38

Background: Fruits Basket history and Kisa's history


Kisa is a cute but very shy and withdrawn girl. Her mother was always overprotective of her and tried to shield her from the wrongs of the world. This is mostly amounted to the fact she is in fact cursed and parents with cursed children either become over protective or reject their children completely. Though overly protected Kisa loves her mother and is thankful for her not rejecting her. Though for a short time her mother almost did reject her. With a smile that captivates whoever sees it, she can be oblivious to that fact if someone maybe or is falling in love with her. Because of this fact she is seen as a princess by the majority of the Sohma family and others, making them wish to protect her as well.

While many want to protect her, Kisa wants to also prove her own worth and that she can stand on her own two feet. Even though she does fall sometimes she tries her best to keep moving forward and doesn't hold the wrongs of others against them. Like her beloved 'onee-chan' she tries to forgive and see the good in everyone she meets. This fact is also true for Akito who has more than once hurt her even to the point of needing to be put into the hospital. Kisa still believes there is something good in the head of the family even when others tell her there isn't. Though she does still have a rather healthy fear of the head of the family, many of her actions are influenced by Akito's words, even when he isn't present.

Despite trying to be strong, Kisa is still extremely shy and will only speak a bit when she gets to know someone. It's a trait a few Sohma's seem to have and since she is younger she is a little more helpless to the head of the family's comments and takes many of them to heart. Two problems are that, first, she's female and Akito is always harsher on girls and, second, that she is the zodiac year of the cat, something Akito hates even more. Because of this abuse Kisa tends to cling to people for protection when she is frightened though she still feels like a burden after the fact and she will blame herself for things beyond her control.

Kisa still knows as well what is right and wrong though when it comes to Akito she can never fully view him in the wrong and will believe most of what is said to her and if anyone threatens the head she will try with all of her power to stop them. Even with this issue, once Kisa grows attached to someone they become like family and she will even refer to them in that sense. She loves her family and once you become that to her she will try her best to protect you even if she knows she can't do much to do so.

As far as relationships that helped mold the little tiger there are a few key people in her life. Family wise one of the closest she can be to his Hatsuharu, or Haru-nii. Greatly protective of the little tiger when she first lost her voice he was the one who set out to find her and bring her back home. Kise loves her cousin even if he can be blunt with his words. It's because of this tough love that she looks to him like an older brother and he treats her much the same. Haru, with the help of Yuki who was also teased as a child, helped the tiger to realize that she is loved and should notice that. Because of this she is grateful and wants to show how strong she is.

Another family member that she care greatly about his Hiro. Being close to the same age means they pretty much were raised and grew up together. They do just about everything together enough so that Hiro strives to be her Prince and to protect her greater than anyone else. However this kind of childish wish and love brings the head of the family upon them. Resulting in Akito hurting Kise instead to prove that Hiro can't always protect her like he wants.

Since she was sheltered most of her life there is one person outside the family that greatly impacts her as well as the rest of the Sohma's and that person is Tohru Honda. Despite their rocky first meeting, which had Kisa biting Tohru in her tiger form. The kind words that Tohru said to her and her mother, said exactly how she felt in words she could voice and she was thankful for Tohru. As a result she attached herself to Tohru following her around pretty much everywhere and even calling her "Onee-chan" once her voice returned. Tohru was the first person, outside of her family, that said she loved her and Kise knew that she was loved and could love herself.

Abilities: Like a hand full of others in the Sohma inner family, Kisa is cursed by the zodiac curse. This means that when they are under too much stress or are hugged by a member of the opposite sex they turn into one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, 13 including the cat. Kisa's zodiac tiger is the tiger and when she transforms she changes into a small orange Bengal tiger cub.

Alignment: Thras: For Kisa both fear and bravery are important elements in her life. First her fear of people making fun of her and causing her to lock her voice away for a little while. Along with the fear that her mother would want to forget about her. While she has those fears her bravery shows when she finally regains her voice and faces her classmates with a strong face and then works towards a better relationship with her mother.



General Sample:

TDM Thread


[The day had started off well enough. Onee-chan, Hiro-chan and we all got to go the the park. She was happy because it seemed like Hiro-chan was being much nicer to Tohru. Truly she wanted them to get along...to even become friends. Hiro-chan needed more friends, plus they could all spend time together more often. Those were her hopes.

Sitting on the bench she waits for them both to return with the crepes. Swinging her legs lightly she looks at the ground before she starts to feel a little tired. A yawn over taking her, she brings a hand to her face rubbing her eyes. Maybe she could close her eyes for a moment...just a moment. Giving into the feeling she lays down on the bench before she starts to nod off, drifting into a pleasant sleep. There weren't any dreams, which might be why she felt like she just closed her eyes for a second...

A few moments pass before she stirs, blinking her eyes trying to awake.

The sight before her is completely new. It's not the park and she didn't remember moving she was still on a bench...so where was she. Still groggy it takes a moment for the surroundings to register for her. But then all together it hits the little tiger. Jolting up she sits up completely. Hands resting on the bench, feeling like she needed a kind of ground, Kisa looks around her. Reality sinking in as she becomes worried. Nothing was familiar.

Trying to remain calm she brings a hand to her chest.]

...W-Where am I? [Voice shaking she tries her best to not show her fears.] Can..anyone help me?

Emotion Sample: Prompt A



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Am I doing her justice? Or do I need some work? I'm completely up for any, constructive, crit! Just drop it here and please no flaming.


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